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Be it in your home or office, the form of architecture in which we look to create with you starts with:

Rustic Chairs

Sedere |





Be or remain in a particular position or state.



be situated, be located, be positioned, be sited, be placed, perch, rest, stand

Morning Light

Sedare |






Adopt a more steady / secure style of life, especially in a home.



make one's home, set up home, take up residence, put down roots, establish oneself, 

go to live, move to, emigrate to, set up housekeeping in

Plants on the Window

Sedate |

calm, tranquil





Make (someone) tranquil and quiet; soothe.



soothe, pacify, placate, mollify, appease, conciliate;

(of a person) become tranquil and quiet.





free from disturbance; calm.

Client feedback |

Family home - Woodingdean

"We chose to work with you partly because of the connection with the Contractor which gave us the confidence that you could design something within the budget and ensure that when it’s built it looks like the design.


Most other architects could suggest some builders but would then leave it to us to appoint them and we’re weren’t confident there would be a good working relationship at the end, plus we didn’t want to go through another process of looking for people.

You also were clearly excited about the project and spoke about the possibilities of what we could do when we met you, whereas some of the other architects either talked about the restrictions or just detailed the process without making it seem very personal at all. You seem much more approachable than most.

So far we haven’t had much back and forth simply because the first design you gave us met so many of the points we were looking for and introduced some interesting things we hadn’t thought of. It didn’t need to have much development and the second iteration of the design seems spot on for us".

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