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The design process in which we will look to follow together:

Group Discussion

Empathaise |

Your brief



Understand and share the feelings of another.

Design is not just a visual thing, it is a thought process.

Empathy is the cornerstone of design - we will interrogate place and client(s), but first we will listen.

This is where we discuss project objectives, including quality objectives and project outcomes, your sustainability aspirations and the project budget

Laptop & Coffee

Prioritise |

RIBA plan of work




Designate or treat (something) as being very or most important.

determine the order for dealing with (a series of items or tasks) according to their relative importance.

Here we appoint the design team and conduct initial pre-planning application discussions, moving in to developed design, including coordinated and updated proposals for structural design, building services systems, outline specification and cost Information

Young People at a Workshop

Strategise |




Devise a strategy or strategies.

Preparation of technical designs in accordance with project strategies will include all architectural, structural and building services information and specialist subcontractor designs.

We can also agree construction Programmes and building contracts up to practical completion

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